The Gold Skull Chair Worth Half-A-Mil

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A true lap of luxury awaits anyone having the opportunity to sit in this resplendently golden offering from French designer Harold Sangouard. Previously interviewed by us when he unveiled an all-black version of the same chair, Sangouard has considerably altered the materials in the latest installment of his Skull Chair series. The 24 carat gold Skull Chair is built around a steel frame joined by reinforced fiberglass, while the seat is covered with exquisitely soft black velvet. He finally complemented the chair’s skeletal facade with a dazzling layer of gold that provides a striking contrast to the velvety seating area. Retailing for $500,000, this is an artistic but functional piece of furniture limited in its availability.

To learn more and view additional work from Sangouard, you can visit him here.

-The LoveMoney Team

The Lagoon Tables By Alexandre Chapelin

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Heavily inspired by his current surroundings, designer Alexandre Chapelin has unveiled his Lagoon Tables series, a set of three carved marble tables infused with a special resin. Each table features layers of simulated water that appears to wash over the surface, a beautiful recreation of the watery locale he calls home on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

You can view more of his work here.

– The LoveMoney Team

Masashi Wakui Captures Tokyo At Night

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Japanese photographer Masashi Wakui explores the back alleys of Tokyo when night falls, using his lens to capture the mesmerizing atmosphere accentuated by vibrant neon lights that hang outside many of the locations he passes.

You can view more of his photography here.

-The LoveMoney Team

Dave East – Winners Never Lose

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Joining forces in a new ad campaign entitled Tight For Tomorrow, Under Armour and Finish Line have enlisted the vocals of Mass Appeal Records artist Dave East, whose short but hard hitting Winners Never Lose becomes the soundtrack for the hardwood hustle of New York Knicks point guard Jerian Grant.

-The LoveMoney Team

Pusha-T – Crutches, Crosses, Caskets (Prod. By Diddy)

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With his highly anticipated EP Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude just a few days away from its release date (as suggested by the title, it’s the precursor to an upcoming sophomore LP that’ll follow soon after), Pusha-T continues to drum up an already impressive amount of buzz by dropping these visuals delivered by director Kid Art for the Diddy-produced Crutches, Crosses, Caskets. Always to the point with his lyrics, King Push spits unmercifully raw bars while holding on to a spinning carrousel of horses donning gas masks, joined by scantily clad nuns puffing away on cigarettes.

Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude drops this Friday, December 18th. You can preorder it here.

-The LoveMoney Team

The P-51 From REC Honors An Icon Of The Streets

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If you’re a fan of fast cars and fine watches, this exceptionally unique offering from REC Watches is sure to pique your interest, thanks to a design that pays well deserved homage to one of the most celebrated muscle cars burning rubber on our streets. Coming from a company that specializes in timepieces inspired by culturally resonant objects of timeless value and certainly the first of its kind that we’ve come across, the P-51 Automatic Watch is built with parts sourced from the legendary Ford Mustang, a turbocharged symbol of unbound exceptionalism that has achieved iconic status in popular culture. The highly visible Rhodium Top Dial is just one of several features that also include: black calf leather strap, black stainless steel and PVD case, and Japanese Miyota 9130 caliber automatic movement.

The Kickstarter campaign initiated by REC for the P-51’s production has exceeded its goal, but there’s still time left to visit it here and place an order.

-The LoveMoney Team

Wine From An Alternate Universe

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Imagine if some of the most popular brands around the globe,  giants in markets as disparate as sneakers and smartphones, decided to include wine among their family of products? That’s the idea behind 99 Wine Bottles, a project from London-based art director Thomas Ollivier, who’s creatively imagined 99 fictional wine brands from the most unlikely corporate entities.

-The LoveMoney Team

The Lampster Shines With Personality

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A small lamp in possession of towering personality, the Lampster is an infectious design from the minds of Radu and Andrew, an architect and engineer who paired their individual talents to create this electrifying addition to any living or work space. Originally conceived of as a side project, something to be used by only the two of them at their workshop, Lampster proved to be such a draw to their friends that they both decided to turn it into a commercial product. What followed was a Kickstarter campaign that almost immediately met its goal, demonstrating the high demand for this lighting solution that looks like a character pulled right out of a Pixar release. Housing two different light sources (one is LED, while the other is RGB), Lampster can be be activated by touch or a mobile device. Made from the headlights of old tractors and bikes, its head can be turned in any direction. Each Lampster is custom made, with owners able to choose the paint used and the type of logo that’ll appear on its body. Even better, when throwing a party or just relaxing at home and listening to music, the light emitted from Lampster can flash to any song’s rhythm. As mentioned, their Kickstarter campaign has exceeded its goal by an impressive margin, but there’s still plenty of time remaining to put in an order before it ends.

You can visit the Kickstarter campaign here.

-The LoveMoney Team

10 Gifts For The Design Enthusiast

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We’re now entering the early days of the holiday season, a time when shopping for friends and family moves to the top among our list of priorities. The good people behind SOHO Design Shop continue to curate an assortment of exceptionally creative and comfortably priced offerings from designers around the globe that are sure to put a smile on the faces of those unwrapping their gifts. Fun but practical, the items below are just a sample from their varied line of products:

Ming Pivoine Vase – Set of 7 stackable pieces


A Ming vase dinner service.

7 stackable pieces creating a superb decoration object : 2 bowls, 2 salad bowls, 1 serving plate, 1 pot with lid.

Designed by Benoit Convers and Rachel Convers for Ibride.

You can purchase it here.

FLIP Alarm Clock (Available in a variety of colors)

ON/OFF faces – LCD – Electroluminous dial – Touch sensor snooze/light

Designed by Jeremy & Adrian White

You can purchase it here.

Lightmark – Reading Lamp Bookmark


A lamp shaped bookmark will give your books a bright and enlightening look.

Designed by PelegDesign

You can purchase it here.

Nessie Set (Mamma Nessie + Nessie Ladle)


Nessie ladle and Mamma Nessie are a matching pair of kitchen utensils whose shapes are inspired by the Lochness Monster.

Designed by OTOTO

You can purchase it here.

Buro Stapler and Tape Dispenser Set


Made out of rubber, this stapler and tape dispenser are clean additions to the office.

Designed by Jeremy & Adrian White for Lexon.

You can purchase it here.

Napkin Zoo – Napkin rings


Don’t let your napkins run wild on your dinner table. Embrace them with your favorite animal!.

Designed by OTOTO

You can purchase it here.

Rulercal- Ruler w/ Calculator

A ruler and calculator combined in one design.

Designed by Lexon

You can purchase it here.

Sugar House – Sugar bowl


This dazzling sugar bowl will bring glitters of snowflakes to your tea, and make your coffee break much sweeter.

Designed by Peleg Design

You can purchase it here.

Rocker – Garlic Crusher


By using downward pressure and a ‘rocking’ motion, this stylish tool breaks up garlic cloves quickly and easily, forcing the pieces up through the mesh of holes in its base.

Designed by Joseph Joseph
You can purchase it here.

Jumpin’ Jacks – Salad Servers


Freshen up your salad with Jumpin’ Jacks! Jumpin’ Jack’s is the ideal pair of salad servers. Stand him on the table ready to serve, or stick him in the salad as you would with any serving spoons.

Designed by OTOTO

You can purchase it here.

-The LoveMoney Team

The Glacier Project Candles By Brynjar Siguroarson

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The artfully crafted Glacier Project Candles from designer Brynjar Siguroarson are a functional and sobering reflection of the very real damage inflicted on our environment due to unaddressed global warming. As they melt down, the candles become a tiny but powerfully symbolic view of what continues over time — and will ultimately be the end result — as climate change goes unchecked.

The Glacier Project Candles can be purchased here.

-The LoveMoney Team